Apollo Foods Ltd PDC

Apollo Foods Ltd PDC

FEL have just completed a series of switchboard for Apollo Foods Ltd in Hawke’s Bay.

Some key features of the board:

  • CUBIC Type Tested to Form 3a
  • Parallel supplies from 2x1MVA transformers.
  • Built to conform to to AS/NZS 6439 1:2:3 and IEC: 61439-1/2 standard with an IP rating of 43.

“During the engineering process by FEL, careful consideration was given to the diversity factor on both sides of the board due to the parallel supplies and a bus tie. Recent developments in load monitoring have paved way for the use of a new metering system which centralises its control from a VMU-C Web-server / Datalogger, modular energy management system.” FEL May Newsletter.

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