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At FEL Switchboards we continuously strive to provide our customers with the best product. We do this by manufacturing Electrical switchboards, PDC’s, MCC’s and Control Panels to the highest standards in industry. We work closely with our clients at every step of the design and fabrication process to future-proof our designs.

As a business we follow the Lean Manufacturing process, streamlining our design systems with improved technology and dedicated software packages. Every switchboard project is assigned a Lead Fabricator or Switchboard Mechanic, to maintain consistency with the assembly work prior to the internal fit-out.

All internal fit-out work is executed by or directly supervised by one of our registered Electricians. Through continued upskilling of our staff we unsure compliance is met and our switchboards have met rigerous quality control standards. We guarantee all of our work through FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) certification. The tests invovled may include: dielectric, continuity, point-to-point, and a live simulation test. The FAT is tailored to our client’s needs and the design of the Switchboard itself.

For further details about our manufacturing process contact us here.